A letter from our Owner/ Founder

Dear Loyal Customers and Friends,
While things seem to be improving in our own country, the situation for the good people of El Salvador has not. Their president recently extended the lockdown and quarantine order until May 1, and therefore our factory doors remain locked. Both our Rainboots and Rainbows collection and the All-American Pre-Order collection fabrics now literally sit inside a closed factory with people unable even to be on the streets without fear of arrest. Because of the continuing uncertainty and the ongoing quarantine extensions, we cannot accurately predict an on-time delivery for either collection.
I know each of your families has suffered in unique ways, just as we have. We have never felt weight like this before. The financial and emotional distress is real and heavy on us all here, as we have tried our hardest to come up with solutions for everyone involved. Despite the severe impact, we have responsibilities, not only to our many employees in Mississippi, Texas, and El Salvador, but to you, our loyal customers, to continue to provide a quality product with on-time deliveries. This is just good business....period, and that is how we operate.
While we continue to wait for our doors to reopen in El Salvador, we have confirmed just last night that we are able to procure some interim sourcing for our upcoming fall season. This includes so many new and exciting collections that we had been working on for months, including back to school, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. This good news, however, did not help us rescue the Rainboots and Rainbows collection or the All-American Pre-Order, no matter how hard we tried.
Therefore, on behalf of all of us here at Eleanor Rose, if you purchased from either of these collections, we sincerely and humbly ask that you accept an in-store credit from us to be used this upcoming fall season. This will allow us to get back up on our feet and continue the great momentum we had this season before this virus descended upon us all. These are some of our largest orders and, therefore, will take from 2-4 weeks to process.
We are beyond grateful to you for understanding our situation as it has unfolded in ways we could not have dreamed of. We continue with prayers, hope, and gratitude that you will support us in this request.
I hope that through all of this distress, we come out with real changes in our own lives and the world... how can we not? With our individual experiences of suffering, we now better understand the sufferings that many in our world experience daily....with no virus present.

Just to clear up some confusion. Because of the repeated extensions of the quarantine in El Salvador, our expectation is that we will not be able to get these collections to you by July 4, or by the end of the summer. Therefore, we are asking for you to accept a credit for the amount of your purchase to allow us to continue to offer a full line of new collections and pre-orders in the fall. Of course, we will also offer refunds for those who email us with that request. We are trying our hardest to keep this company together and appreciate those of you who will accept a credit. We hope this clears up some of your questions. We sincerely thank you for your continued support now more than ever!
Lynn James