A few days ago when we were putting the final touches on our new “Hark the Herald” collection, featuring sweet little angels on the main print, we coincidentally received a moving message from a very sweet mother and customer named Catherine Haas. Catherine recently lost her beautiful nine year old daughter, and only child, Betsy. Betsy loved dressing up in Eleanor Rose and Catherine wrote simply to thank us for our clothes and to share the words that Betsy spoke about dying just weeks before her death. We asked Catherine if we could share Betsy’s words and also name our favorite angel dress in the collection after her beautiful angel “Betsy.” And so we did. It was such a privilege to dress her sweet little angel. Please read the beautiful passage below written by Catherine to us:

“Mary Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ died on July 2nd. She was born in 2006 with serious medical issues, but she had a full, happy, and healthy life for almost ten years. She had hydrocephalus, Tetralogy of Fallot, and Chiari Malformation—it is nothing short of a miracle that we had such a joyful and normal life with her. Betsy was our only child and the light of our lives. Our hearts are broken, but she told me a few weeks before she died that she didn’t understand why people are sad when someone dies, because that person gets to be with Jesus. She wasn’t even sick at the time, and it was such a strange thing to say out of the blue, but I am so grateful that she did”
--Cathy Haas